What do we offer?

Here at Téseris we have a wide range of services that we can offer our clients. Never hesitate to get in touch with us to resolve any doubts you may have.


We have several options at Téseris offering our products. You can view our packaging variety in order to see how we offer each product. Never hesitate to get in touch with us to resolve any doubts you may have.

Transport and Logistics

Téseris Stone has a national transport service that means the material will reach its destination under the best possible conditions and also within the established time for each case, depending on where our clients are located.
Moreover, we have a series of collaborators who ensure these agility and security principles abroad so that we guarantee correct material service wherever your company is located.

Prospecting and measurement

Prospecting and measurement
We are expert specialists in stones, all types of stones. This is because we have gained many years of experience in this sector, we know the distributors, we have commercial relations with many quarries and we know the importation channels for many geological materials.
So, on many occasions, when our clients need to locate something specific that is not in our catalogue (even though it is already so extensive); here at Téseris, we attend to these needs and search for what is required and supply it through our distribution forms and channels, attempting to make this process as simple as possible for our clients.
Please, do not hesitate to check with us in such a situation, we will be very happy to assist you.

Raw Materials

In general, our raw material is marble, however, the type we employ in our production process is very special. We work with several mines throughout Spain, with which we collaborate in resolving the environmental problem that affects them. At Téseris, we use the surplus off-cuts and tips from the blocks when the rounded edges and boulders are produced. In this way, we remain true to our environmental sustainability policy in the areas where marble is produced by transforming the production slag into first-class decorative elements.


20 kg SACK
The packing of the material in this form uses high-strength and quality plastic which, together with a careful design, provides an elegant and practical presence for the product end consumer, guaranteeing a long-life under extreme conditions, which is an advantage for product stocking.
These sacks are subsequently mechanically positioned on a 950 x 950 mm pallet, then concluding the palletisation stage by wrapping it in transparent film that prevents the sacks from moving and therefore favours clean, secure storage.

Some of our products that are packed in this way:

This original form, which is unique on the market, favours the introduction of the materials in warehouses and department stores, intended for the end consumer who wants to acquire a small amount in a practical easy-to-handle package.
Made of strong plastic, having an elegant design and incorporating handles to facilitate transport and handling, this small bag represents a significant advance in the product presentation.
These sacks are subsequently stacked on 800 x 600 mm cardboard pallets (half euro-pallets), stackable, with front opening and a corporate design that makes it an attractive box-pallet display unit.

Some of our products that are packed in this way:

These packages allow filling according to the clients’ preferences, with the weight varying between 800 kg and 1,200 kg.
Their handling is quite practical as they are fitted with handles in the upper sections that permit simple transport using cranes or forklifts.

Some of our products that are packed in this way:

Because of their great strength, this type is employed for products of larger sizes, as in the case of decorative boulders.
They also provide the advantage of enabling the contained material to be seen, thus providing an attractive display for the end clients.
Galvanised cages are mounted on 950 x 950 mm pallets for ease of handling.

Some of our products that are packed in this way: