Téseris Company

Téseris is the largest manufacturer on the Iberian Peninsular that produces natural decorative stones for public and private gardens, in marble and other types of stones and minerals.

Our offices and main production centre are located in Algueña (Alicante), which is where the largest marble industry in Spain can be found. The logistics centre is in Elche (Alicante), a city with an acknowledged extensive history from a cultural perspective and in the developement of large companies.

Our distinctive factor: production system.

The Téseris production system is the biggest competitive difference with respect to its business environment.

Our Production and Development Department is not only responsible for the preparation of the various product lines (rounded, boulders and gabions, etc), but also the design and manufacture of our own machines. This is because, in order to respond in an immediate, self-sufficient manner to the considerable and urgent demands we have for special and bulky products, we decided to develop a production system that is adaptable to any market conditions.

In this way and since there was no machinery on the market capable of dealing with such demanding requirements, we were able to convert what, in the beginning appeared to be a handicap for our company into a determining, differentiating factor with respect to the competition and this, the problem became a virtue.

Thanks to our work system, we are able to attain a production of 100,000 tonnes per year, which is a business advantage that permits us to adapt to the most diverse requirements of our clients.

Quality and the environment

Our company’s quality assurance policy always depends on the clients’ demands and suggestions, beginning with the selection of the material to employ and passing through all the packing, conservation, finish supervision and transport service processes until it reaches its destination in optimum conditions.

This interest in the quality of our products makes us go much further and enables us to always be on the look out for new original and innovating materials that form an attractive and extensive variety for the client.

Furthermore, our company is fully aware of the enormous preoccupation involved in recycling materials for conserving the environment for which we have prepared a waste processing policy that avoids environmental damage.

We work with several mines throughout Spain, with which we collaborate in resolving the environmental problem that affects them. At Téseris, we use the surplus off-cuts and tips from the blocks when the rounded edges and boulders are produced. In this way, we remain true to our environmental sustainability policy in the areas where marble is produced by transforming the production slag into first-class decorative elements.

Prospecting and special product searching

We are expert specialists in stones, all types of stones. This is because we have gained many years of experience in this sector, we know the distributors, we have commercial relations with many quarries and we know the importation channels for many geological materials.

So, on many occasions, when our clients need to locate something specific that is not in our catalogue (even though it is already so extensive), here at Téseris, we attend to these needs and search for what is required and supply it through our distribution forms and channels, attempting to make this process as simple as possible for our clients.

Transport and Logistics

Téseris has a national transport service that means the material will reach its destination under the best possible conditions and also within the established time for each case, depending on where our clients are located.

Moreover, we have a series of collaborators who ensure these agility and security principles abroad so that we guarantee correct material service wherever your company is located.